30 December 2012

ASCO Industries from Belgium Belairbus consortium designs and builds slat support mechanisms and other Titanium Parts of the Main Landing Gear Attachment

ASCO is known in the aerospace industry because of its background and capabilities in research, design and manufacturing of high lift mechanism devices & complex precision mechanical subassemblies.

Asco has 2 different work packages in the A350 XWB program:

-the first one includes 44 subassemblies of slat support mechanisms, from which 26 slat tracks, 10 hinge arms, 4 drive lever assemblies, and 4 strut assemblies. Asco has applied one of its patents to design the slat support mechanisms, taking into account that the leading edge high lift mechanisms design is a critical key for the performance of the aircraft on take-off and landing.

-the second one includes eight machined parts –made from titanium- for the main landing gear attachment; 2 cantilever fittings, 2 pintle fitting outboards, 2 pintle fitting inboard and 2 side stay fitting. After production, parts are sent to Premium AEROTEC in Augsburg for assembly of the main landing gear attachment, which is finally delivered to Airbus UK.

Asco, which employs 1,300 people, is a proven technology specialist and supply chain integrator in design, development, precision machining, processing, and certified assembly of complex high strength metallic aircraft components (high-lift devices, landing gear components, and engine attachments).
Headquartered in Zaventem Belgium, Asco has 3 manufacturing plants in Belgium, Canada and Germany, an engineering office in the United States, a procurement office in Brazil and a commercial office in France. Asco has recently acquired a manufacturing plant in Oklahoma, which will be developed over the next years.


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