15 July 2015

The reason behind the bandit mask of the A350

The reason for the bandit mask has intrigued airline enthusiasts for years.

Source: Airbus

Is it a marketing thing? Does the A350 look funny without it and Airbus decided a makeup was needed?

Source: Manuel Belleli

Bjorn Fehrm from Leeham News got “a plausible explanation the other day.”

The mask is there to facilitate change of cockpit windows.

The windows go in from the outside and one has to detach the window surrounds to do it.

To avoid having to paint with delicate airline livery colors the window surrounds come in “any color you want as long as it is black.”

Based on the article “Bjorn’s Corner: Bandit mask explained and nonexistent IFE boxes.” Published in Leeham News


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  2. This is brilliant. What started as something technical is now a signature for Airbus Aircrafts - just have a look at other aircrafts coming out from Airbus from now on.