11 December 2015

Stretched A350-1000 would be “essentially clean-sheet”.

Airbus is closely examining the potential market for a larger version of the A350-1000, but wants to avoid distancing itself from the core A350 market.

Source: FranceBleu

The airframer has been talking to a “handful” of potential customers to explore whether there is a sufficient market for an aircraft with 50-60 more seats than the -1000, said Airbus COO for customers John Leahy.

He argued that Boeing has pursued the rival 777X simply to cut seat-mile cost figures, and Airbus wants to avoid proceeding with a further A350 development without a clear indication that there is market demand.

“This is not going to be a ‘me too’ airplane,” insisted Leahy at the Dubai air show.

While Airbus is “very carefully” looking at a stretched -1000, he said, the airframer still believes the “sweet spot” in the market is the sector occupied by the Boeing 777-300ER, and that a “large percentage” of that market will fall within the -1000’s capability.

Source: FranceBleu

The potential stretch would probably require modification of the wing – although not the undercarriage – and Leahy indicated that Airbus is discussing the options for a powerplant with Rolls-Royce, which provides the Trent XWB-97 for the -1000.

Leahy would not be drawn on the discussions, and whether Rolls-Royce could squeeze further performance from the XWB-97, acknowledging only that “maybe” a different engine would be necessary – without elaborating on the nature of any change.

Source: FranceBleu

“We think we could come up with a very good airplane,” he said, adding that – in comparison with the 777X – it would be “essentially clean-sheet”.

Based on the article “Stretched A350-1000 must not be 'me too' project – Leahy” published in FlightGlobal


  1. Well if mr.leahy was so satisfied with the way his 1000 competes with the 9x ..it would be a mute point ..
    Evedently they feel they must do something to counter...

  2. I still hope they redesign the airbus a350-800 and get rid of the A330 range

    1. A redesign to de-weight the A350-800 would end up being nearly a clean sheet aircraft as well, it has a much larger wing and heavier airframe that would require substantial modifications to become competitive with the 787-9. The A330neo might not pile up the orders like 787 & A350 but it's an adequate response to a market where a quick, cost effective response was needed.

  3. The A350-800 is uneconomic,thats why Aerbus wants to drop it. As to a A350-1000 stretch, they should think about the production rates of the A350-900 first.

  4. I like clean sheet, don't you?