25 February 2016

A350s for Iran Air will be “85% financed by Europeans”.

Managing Director of Iran Air Farhad Parvaresh said 80 – 85% of the contracts for the delivery of Airbus A350 XWB to Iran will be financed by the Europeans.

Source: Hamid Forootan

Speaking to reporters at the time of the landing of the first A350 XWB at Mehrabad Airport, Parvaresh noted that based on the contract which was signed, 16 A350-1000s will be delivered as of 2021 according to the schedule.

Source: Hossein Esmaeli

He also said that in case the conditions for deliveries (initially 16 A350-1000 aircraft planned) were not mature enough, they could be substituted with A350-900 or other models.

Source: Hossein Esmaeli

Iran Air and Airbus signed an agreement for 118 aircraft last month.

Source: Hossein Esmaeli

Parvaresh said that the deal is “the start of re-establishing our civil aviation sector into the envy of the region”.

Based on the article “Iran Air chief: 85% of A350 Airbus delivery contracts to be financed by Europeans” published in The Iran Project.


  1. Wonder if this deal will still stand after Irans election

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  3. I do not want any deal if we will have to pay . In my world it is the buyer who pays not the seller.

    1. You're not paying for it Einstein. It's being Financed by Europeans, not paid by them! Simple explanation? It's like mortgage.