11 March 2016

Emirates tries to push Airbus for A380neo instead of stretched A350-1000

Emirates President Tim Clark faulted Airbus for lacking a coherent strategy on its biggest airplanes, saying Airbus should focus on an upgrade of its A380 rather than spend resources on yet another variant of its A350 model.
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Emirates scrapped a deal for 70 A350s (50 A350-900s and 20 A350-1000 in Jun/2014) and is currently weighing the A350-900 against Boeing’s 787-9 and 787-10.

Emirates is also the world’s leading wide-body operator, with 140 A380 orders and currently 75 planes in the fleet.

Source: Singapore Airlines

Airbus’s thinking has become increasingly hard to read and talk of further extending the stretched A350-1000 makes little sense, Clark said adding that he’s not sure the manufacturer could afford to fund that project alongside the upgraded A380 he’s keen to buy.

“There seems to be a certain amount of cloudiness,” Clark said. “They’ve got the A380neo and then bingo, out pops the new A350-1000. I’m not quite sure how that’s going to pan out.”

Source: Airbus
Airbus’s increasing focus on a double-stretch A350 is of less interest to Emirates because the plane would compete with the largest version of Boeing’s revamped 777X - an aircraft it’s already taking.

Clark said a bigger A350 would add weight and create issues at airports because of the extra length.

Leahy said last week that Airbus isn’t interested in swaying Gulf carriers that are buying the 777X, adding that he’d prefer to “optimize an airplane” for customers such as United Airlines and British Airways that don’t require the performance to operate from very hot desert environments.

Based on the article “Emirates Blasts Airbus for Confused Strategy on Wide-Body Jets” published in Bloomberg


  1. Emirates and Clark in particular, seem to think that everybody should jump to their tune. Having seen his use of the A350 as a bargaining tool with Boeing, I would not trust this man. He's dangling the carrot again,suggesting he's interested in the A350- he's not. He wants Boeing aircraft.Has been a proponent of Boeing for years. Its his way to get a better deal from Boeing. He will buy the 787-9 and the 787-10, no matter what Airbus produce for him. To build a A380 just for him is madness, he'd have you over a barrel and might even cancel midstream(he's done it before!)-then where would Airbus be? Leahy is right,there are other customers out there, who also would like to be listened to-cant fault him on that

  2. Also as an added thought,after choosing the 787-9/10 over the A350 (and he will) what would remain for Airbus? There are an outstanding 65 A380's to be delivered which Clark already wants to supersede with the A380neo's. If Airbus decide not to produce the A380neo Clark will push Boeing to make a 777x-10! and cancel any outstanding A380's not yet delivered.

  3. Just like enhanced versions of the -900 are emerging, I can envision a strategy whereby an enhanced HGW
    version the -1000 (akin to the 278t -900) will appear as well a stretched ( but with decreased range) - 8000. In addition, Airbus would then re-engine the A380 once the engines are available. All versions would be designed in collaboration with engine manufacturers to allow for straight re-engine When engines are ready.

  4. Joe March, lovely vision but thats all it is. Airbus cant even produce the A350-900.

  5. Right,another two deliveries before Sunday and another two before 30th, then we may be onto a ramp up.

  6. This model allows them to do many things other airlines can't. Apart from pricing lower fares , they have the luxury of allowing overbooking on flights.