27 May 2014

Production-representative engines installed in the A350 MSN5 flight test airframe.

The first set of “production-representative” Trent XWB engines for the A350 is being installed onto the final test aircraft MSN5 in Toulouse after it has left the paint-shop, while the first full production specification engine has been shipped to Airbus for installation on the initial customer airframe MSN6.

The MSN5 is the first batch-2 (B2) airframe built to full production specification and is the 2ndA350 to be equipped with a furnished cabin.

Airbus said that while MSN5´s Trents are not the first production-standard engines built, they are “production representative, as the aircraft will test the standard that will be delivered to customers”. This aircraft will participate in the A350´s route-proving program, which is due to be flown in conjunction with Qatar Airways in Doha.

Based on the article “Production-representative XWBs readied for A350” published in Flight International.

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