15 April 2015

The factory of the future. Daher getting ready for A350 ramp-up.

To achieve the ramp up of the A350, Daher (970 million euros of turnover) works in a "flexible and automated line for aeronautical pieces of small dimensions". The factory of the future.

The challenge is to ensure that the production of thousands of composite junction-clips for the A350 fuselage that are carried out in the Nantes-site of Daher, is in line with required production ramp-up.

"We will have to move from a production of 5.000 clips/month to a monthly rate of 50.000 in only 3 years”, summarized Nicolas Orance, Director of Strategy and Development at Daher.

Daher is going to robotize the current manual operations in order to pass it to series phase.

Since early 2014, a first clip-production line is already equipped with a stamping-robot.

But this is only a first step: the line will be soon equipped with a dedicated equipment for automated machining, currently under qualification.

"Between 2016 and 2017, we should achieve to implement, in total, 3 lines to Nantes," said Nicolas Orance.

Additionally to the automation,  the line will have also to be much more flexible.

Among the thousands of  clips, there are hundreds of variants and at any time new references could be required. There is a 3D printer used to manufacture control-templates for clips.

Based on the article “Usine du Futur : des projets pilotes à la peine” published in Usine-digitale.fr

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