29 March 2016

Airbus studies 400 PAX A350-1000 moving lavs and galleys to a lower deck.

Airbus is considering adding a small lower deck to the A350-1000 jet to accommodate lavatories and kitchens.

This is not a new idea as it has been configured in some A330 and A340 as shown in the pictures, depending on cargo storage planned by each airline.

Source: Rafael Reca

Shifting these 'service areas' off the main deck would free up significant amounts of space for more seats in both business class and economy class, Airbus said.

"The average passenger doesn't want to sit next to a lav and doesn't want to sit next to a galley" explained Kiran Rao, Airbus Executive Vice-President for Strategy and Marketing.

Source: Mario Aurich

"As we move these service areas out of the passenger cabin we create space for more seats without compromising on comfort."

"So we are looking to utilize the under-floor area of the A350-1000 for galleys and lavs," Rao said at the launch of the aircraft manufacturer's Airspace cabin concept in London.

The space beneath the passenger deck is typically used for cargo but "on long aircraft you can't fill it all with cargo" Rao said, adding that this could mean larger galleys which would "give the cabin crew a nicer area to work in."

Although the A350-1000 will typically carry 366 passengers, freeing up space occupied by galleys and lavatories could boost the seat count closer to the 400 mark.

Based on the article “Airbus considers split-level layout for A350-1000” published in Australian Business Traveller.


  1. There is significant risk of tripping and falling. Not a good idea at all.

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    1. provided stairs pitch is maintained at max 42 degrees or preferably 38 then the risk is low. However picture of stairs looks steeper than this and it is not an inclusive design for disabled or infirm so there will need to be at least one lav on the main deck

    2. provided stairs pitch is maintained at max 42 degrees or preferably 38 then the risk is low. However picture of stairs looks steeper than this and it is not an inclusive design for disabled or infirm so there will need to be at least one lav on the main deck

  3. Still not buying this. looks like a lot of work for the crew to carry meals and for passengers who are half asleep in the middle of the night.

  4. I think it's a great idea. It's a proven concept and I personally love the extra space on the a340-600 that Lufthansa has the bathrooms and galley downstairs. If they can make it better than the current version it will be great

  5. There's an elevator

  6. Looks like a great idea, when compared to the alternatives...

    Slimline seats
    Higher fares
    Smaller pitch seats

    Putting the galley and toilets downstairs is a touch of genius. In most businesses toilets are not on the same floor as you (excluding disabled)


  7. How safe is it for wheelchair, elderly & children to negotiate the stairs in flight in turbulence? Similarly cabin crew trying to serve meals that have to be carried up the stairs! Great idea on the ground with a stationary plane. Stupid idea when you are airborne at 35,000 ft at Mach 0.85!!!

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