31 August 2015

Philippine Airlines considering A350 for new routes.

Philippine Airlines has confirmed it is considering whether to purchase or lease 8 Boeing 787 or Airbus A350 XWB planes to allow it to fly non-stop to more destinations in the United States and Europe from Manila.

The airline, owned by PAL Holdings of business tycoon Lucio Tan, was also considering buying or leasing 9 Q300 or Q400 Bombardier turboprops to replace ageing similar models in its fleet, said its president Jaime Bautista.

"The Dreamliner and XWB will be contributing to savings in fuel, savings in maintenance and will allow us to improve our product because we can fly non-stop to more destinations," Bautista told reporters, adding delivery could be in 2017-2018.

One month ago Singapore Airlines released 7 A350 back to Airbus as requested by the aircraft manufacturer.

All pictures. Source: Airbus

Based on the article “Philippine Air to purchase or lease Boeing, Airbus planes” published in Reuters.

30 August 2015

A350 Door Trainer delivered to Ethiopian Airlines

EDM announced that it has shipped an A350 Door Trainer to Ethiopian Airlines.

EDM is a British leading provider of training simulators to the civil aviation and defence sectors.

The Door Trainer will enable Ethiopian Airlines’ cabin crew to be fully trained in the operation of A350 aircraft exits and doors including procedures for normal, abnormal and emergency operation.

Built to meet EU-OPS and associated standards using Airbus licensed data, the A350 Door Trainer is designed to meet 20.000 door opening cycles per year.

The A350 Door Trainer has been sent to Addis Ababa as part of a contract to supply a broad range of training products. It will be installed at Ethiopian Airlines’ state-of- the-art training facility at Bola International Airport.

EDM was the first company in the industry to produce an A350 Door Trainer when it manufactured one for Cathay Pacific at the beginning of this year.

This latest A350 Door Trainer is the company’s 2nd and a 3rd is currently in production for Singapore Airlines.

Based on the press release “A350 Door Trainer leaves EDM for Ethiopian Airlines

29 August 2015

Pictures of A350 participation in MAKS-2015 in Russia

Source: podpolkovnikvvs

Source: Maxim Zmeyev

These are some of the pictures taken during the MAKS Airshow at Moscow where A350 MSN1 has performed spectacular flight displays of 8 minutes on the 3 days that the aircraft has been in Russia.

Source: podpolkovnikvvs

Source: allplane.tv

Source: podpolkovnikvvs

Source: podpolkovnikvvs

Source: @SMoryakov

Source: vasyairk

Source: @HotelBravo07

28 August 2015

Lufthansa selects premium economy seats for A350 … out of Airbus catalogue.

Lufthansa will take delivery of its Airbus A350 XWB aircraft with a seat gap where premium economy will be.

Why? Because its premium economy seatmaker ZIM FLUGSITZ  is not on the Airbus catalogue of pre-selected, pre-approved seats for the A350.

Those planes will be delivered with economy down the back, and whatever the airline decides upon up front (not officially communicated if Lufthansa will be outfitting these aircraft with first class) but with nothing in between.

Lufthansa Technik will complete the ZIM premium economy install post-delivery.

Lufthansa's 747-8i premium economy cabin

ZIM has for Premium Economy Class the ZIMmagic seats for long-haul flights which offers “a new experience in flying”.

“The greater distance to the passenger to the side of you, the improved IFE system and the footrest provide a unique comfort for the passengers who can recline up to 9" their seats.”

Singapore Airlines has chosen ZIM for A380 seats but for A350 the airline has followed the catalogue suggestion of Zodiac Aerospace.

Based on the article “How Lufthansa Technik prepares aircraft for entry into service” published in Runway Girl Network.

27 August 2015

VSMPO-Avisma will increase by 15% in 2016 the supply of titanium for the A350 XWB

The supply of titanium and components for Airbus in the year 2016 will increase by 10-15% compared with the current year.

The statement was made by VSMPO-Avisma CEO Mikhail Voevodin during a press conference in the international air show MAKS-2015 in Russia. 

According to him, this is due to the A350 (and also A320neo) production ramp-up at Airbus.

VSMPO-Avisma remains the largest supplier of titanium to Airbus as confirmed by Airbus materials procurement vice president Olivier Chill.

According to him, Western sanctions did not affect cooperation between both companies.

Additionally, Mr. Chill said that one possible future direction in the cooperation between Airbus and VSMPO-Avisma could be the additive manufacturing (3d printed) of titanium parts for the aerospace industry.

Based on the article “ВСМПО-АВИСМА увеличит поставки титана для Airbus в 2016 году на 15%” published in Газета.Ru

26 August 2015

Roll out of Finnair's first A350.

The First A350 with Finnair livery has been rolled out today at Toulouse.

Source: Finnair

The MSN18 will be in the flightline within another 4 aircraft that should be delivered in comming days and weeks.

MSN8  Qatar Airways
MSN15 Vietnam Airlines

MSN11 Qatar Airways

MSN16 Vietnam Airlines


Although this aircraft's delivery was planned for mid-August 5 months ago, the delivery will finally be in September.

Source: Finnair

Finnair will test the A350 aircraft on some shorthaul routes on the first week of October and will start Helsinky-Sanghay route on 25/October.

Source: Airbus

The MSN19 and MSN20 for Finnair are currently painted, on interior completion and engines installation phase.

25 August 2015

A350 Type Certification for Brazil.

The Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) has announced that has certified the Airbus A350 XWB.

Source: Airbus

Type certificate of the A350-900 was issued on 14/August.

As per the certificate, the A350-900 is capable of carrying 440 passengers (or 268 tonnes) in its maximum capacity and it has a range of up to 8.000 nautical miles and 84.000 pounds of thrust for improved efficiency in fuel consumption.

The certification process in ANAC lasted 13 months and involved at least 8 experts of the Agency, for 8 months, as well as technical personnel from TAM.

Source: Airbus

TAM will receive the first A350-900 aircraft in December this year, starting to operate on the route Guarulhos-Manaus, before placing it in flight between Guarulhos and Miami in 2016.

Source: TLS_A380_A350

The aircraft (MSN24) is currently on the final assembly line in Toulouse and it should airborne in November.

Source: Airbus

In addition to 27 aircraft ordered by TAM, Azul ordered 5 A350-900 that should begin to be delivered in 2017.

Based on the press release “ANAC certifica nova aeronave comercial da Airbus”.

24 August 2015

This is what MAKS visitors will see inside A350.

MSN1 first flying prototype is visiting MAKS Russian Airshow this week.

This first prototype with register F-WXWB has a very interesting interior as it is being used for exploring the flight envelope and to test systems and powerplant.

During the certification phase, she flew more than 1000 hours in 275 flights since the first flight on 14/June/2013.

MAKS is an International Air Show held near Moscow on Zhukovskiy LII air field.

Source: Airbus

Starting tomorrow 25/Aug, the A350 will fly back to Toulouse on 27 with static and 7-minutes flight displays on both 2 days of the airshow.

The Russian show is famous because of the flight displays. And this MAKS 2015 will be no exception at all.

“The best Russian test pilots will demonstrate unique capabilities of advanced military and civil fixed and rotary wings for specialist and numerous visitors of the air show in Zhukovsky skies.”

Source: MAKS-2015

From Russian Air Force, there will be flight demonstrations of the Knights Team (Sukhoi Su-27P and Su-27UB), Swifts Team (MiG-29), Falcons Team (Sukhoi Su-27), Golden Eagles (6 Mi-28N attack helicopters), Taurida Wings Team (6 Yak-130 fighter trainers) as well as other acrobatic teams.

Source: Airbus

Aeroflot was one of the early customers for the A350, as it signed for 22 aircraft in 2007. Although the A350-800 development is cancelled, Airbus still counts Aeroflot orders among the total orders collected so far.

Currently there are 8 A350-800 and 14 A350-900 orders considered in Airbus´ orderbook.

Source: Airbus

Aeroflot has cancelled an order for 22 787 2 months ago and is also reviewing its order for 22 Airbus A350s; the on-order mix of 8 A350-800s and 14 A350-900s is "something that we are looking at".