31 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016

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Source: Jujug Spotting


Last delivery of 2015. 3rd A350 to Finnair.

Finnair has received today their 3rd A350.

MSN20 delivery makes the 15th A350 delivered (14th this year).

With register number OH-LWC (test registration F-WZFO) she was airborne on 7th of November. She was the 19th A350 to fly.

During this period of time of almost 1,5 months, there were performed 1 flight test on 12/Dec and 2 Customer Acceptance flights on 19/Dec and 28/Dec.

The month that was spent since the first flight (7/Nov) until the second flight (12/Dec) could be linked to some cabin interior missing components or reworks required.

Today´s delivery flight AY8961 to Finnair´s hub at Helsinki completes A350s deliveries in 2015.

This is the 3rd of 19 A350 XWBs on order for Finnair which is the first European operator.

The aircraft is configured in a premium three-class layout, with 297 seats, comprising 46 Business Class, 43 Economy Comfort and 208 Economy.

The aircraft will join the airline’s all-Airbus fleet of 47 aircraft in operation, today comprising 2 A350s, 30 A320 Family aircraft and 15 A330/A340s.

All pictures. Source: Jujug Spotting

30 December 2015

4th TAM A350-900 with LATAM livery and 3 classes cabin lay-out.

Within the 1st A350 delivery ceremony on 18/Dec, TAM announced that their 4th A350-900 to be delivered in Jun/2016 (6 aircraft are planned to be delivered in 2016) will be the 1st aircraft of its fleet equipped with a Premium "Economy Plus" class.

This aircraft will be the 1st true LATAM A350, which will carry a new livery to reflect the unified brand.

The aircraft will be configured in a premium three-class layout, with 339 seats, comprising 30 Business Class, 63 Premium Economy Plus and 246 Economy.

The first 3 A350-900s of TAM have a cabin configuration with 348 seats;  30 forward-facing business class seats in “Premium Business” cabin and 318 in Economy.

The Business class seats are arranged in a 2-2-2 layout and they can convert into a fully-flat bed.

TAM Airlines is scheduling the last delivery of their 21+6 A350-900 & A350-1000 in 2021.

All pictures. Source: Airbus
Based on the article “TAM Airlines aura six Airbus A350-1000 et une classe Premium” published in Air Journal.

29 December 2015

Finnair sales & leaseback 2 A350s with GECAS.

Finnair has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with GE Capital Aviation Services Limited (GECAS), on the sale and leaseback of 2 Airbus A350-900 aircraft.

Source: A380_TLS_A350

The financing will cover Finnair’s 7th (MSN51) and 8th A350 (MSN97) deliveries, which are currently scheduled to enter the Finnair fleet in July/2016 and February/2017, respectively.

The value of the transaction at present foreign exchange rates is approximately 265 million euro.

The lease period is 12 years, and it includes extension options.

Finnair has ordered a total of 19 new A350-900 XWB aircraft in the fleet or on order.

Source: Airbus

According to the currently anticipated delivery schedule, Finnair will have 5 A350-900 aircraft at the beginning of the Q2/2016, 7 by the end of 2016, 11 by the end of 2017, and 19 by the end of 2023.

Source: Airbus

Disclosures on financing arrangements for the A350 aircraft will be made as those agreements are finalized.

Source: Airbus

Finnair’s fleet consists of both owned and leased aircraft.

Based on the article “Finnair sells and leases back two Airbus A350-900s with GECAS” published in Airlinewire.

28 December 2015

"Made in Poland" sheet-metal parts for A350 from 2016.

Nimrod Group is progressing with recruitment of staff and the final preparations for the opening of a new industrial plant in Poland.

The new factory will support the ramp-up of the A350 producing sheet metal parts for Stelia Aerospace Tier1. Azura Polska site is located in Łódź.

Nimrod Group, a French tier2, announced last September their intention to open a new facility in Poland after receiving the invitation from Airbus Group Poland “to support long-term industrial strategy” linked to the discussions concerning the H225M Caracal helicopter offsets.

The 1st long-term agreement with Stelia Aerospace is a contract of more than 3 million hours of work, ensuring a stable and technically advanced jobs in Azura Polska until at least 2024.

Azura Polska site is planned to generate 200 to 300 new direct jobs and the initial investment of 1 million€ has been already completed including purchasing of equipments and machines that will be installed at the factory starting in January/2016.

Based on the article “Azura Polska rozpocznie produkcję części do samolotu Airbus A350” published in BiznesAlert.

27 December 2015

TAM replaces 6 A350-900s with bigger A350-1000s.

The LATAM Airlines Group revealed last week a partial conversion of its order of Airbus A350-900; 6 of 27 ordered A350-900s have been replaced by 6 A350-1000.

Within the 1st A350 delivery ceremony on 18/Dec, LATAM announced that they had converted "in September of this year" 6 orders for the largest model, the A350-1000, "by reason of its superior ability".

José Zaidan Malus, Vice President of fleet and engines of LATAM, explained that "we are always very attentive to the context, adjusting the fleet renewal plan in order to obtain an optimal allocation of aircraft for each market.”

The entry into service of the A350-900 is scheduled 25/January from the base of TAM Airlines at Sao Paulo-Guarulhos to Manaus-Eduardo Gomes Airport on 1 of the 3 daily flights.

She will flight in March to Miami and on 4/April to Madrid.

All pictures. Source: Airbus
Based on the article “TAM Airlines aura six Airbus A350-1000 et une classe Premium” published in Air Journal.

26 December 2015

Airworthiness Directive for A350: failures on inboard aileron EHAs.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is giving operators of the Airbus A350 until 11/Jan to begin daily post-flight checks of the aircraft’s 2 inboard ailerons to verify that the electro-hydrostatic actuators (EHAs) that drive the roll-control surfaces are working properly.

The AD (Airworthiness Directive) issued by EASA requires repetitive post-flight checks (activation) of each inboard aileron EHA and, in case of failure, replacement of the affected EHA with a serviceable one.

The interim action required by the AD (Airworthiness Directive) specifies that since 28/Dec until 11/Jan and, thereafter, during each flight day, but not exceeding 2 flight cycles, it is needed to accomplish a post-flight activation procedure on each inboard aileron EHA in accordance with the instructions of Airbus AOT A27P007-15-00.

Source: Moog

If, during any EHA activation the message “F/CTL INR AILERON ELEC ACTUATOR” is triggered, before next flight, it will be mandatory to accomplish the troubleshooting procedure on the affected EHA in accordance with the instructions of Airbus AOT A27P007-15-00.

If the failure remains, before next flight, it will be needed to replace the affected EHA with a serviceable one.

Source: Flight International

But why? What is the reason behind this AD (Airworthiness Directive)?

Several on-ground failures were reported on A350 aircraft of inboard aileron electro-hydrostatic actuator (EHA), manufactured by Moog.

Source: Airbus

Concurrent with these failures, a Dispatch Message (DM) “F/CTL INR AILERON ELEC ACTUATOR” was displayed.

Further analysis and testing by Airbus determined that in such cases the switch from damping to active mode did not occur, preventing the activation of the EHA.

This failure corresponds to a scenario called ‘’spurious damping’’ and can be detected only when the EHA is activated.

As a consequence, the EHA will not be able to take over in case of adjacent servo control failure or yellow hydraulic failure.

This condition, if not detected and corrected, and combined with other failures could result in loss of control of inboard aileron potentially resulting in inability to ensure sufficient control on the roll axis of the aeroplane.

Airbus issued Alert Operators Transmission (AOT) A27P007-15-00 to provide post-flight EHA activation instructions.


Based on the article “Airbus A350 Receives First Airworthiness Directive” published in Aviation Daily.

25 December 2015

SriLankan order of 4 A350-900s could be modified.

SriLankan Airlines CEO Suren Ratwatte said his airline is planning to review an existing widebody order with Airbus to incorporate more suitable narrowbody jets instead.

“However we must re-look at the aircraft order since the order is for wide-bodied aircraft that could carry more passengers," he said.

"What SriLankan currently needs is narrow-bodied aircraft, that could be easily filled with passengers.”

The state-backed carrier inked a firm order agreement with Airbus for 4 A350-900s and 6 A330-300s in 2013.

The deal, however, is now subject to a government inquiry after Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe claimed there had been irregularities in its flotation.

As part of its Red-to-Black restructuring programme, SriLankan is expected to shift focus away from longhaul operations in Europe and Australia and focus instead on the growing Chinese and Indian markets.

 All pictures. Source: Maew Spotter

Based on the article “SriLankan planning to revise Airbus order” published in ch-aviation 

24 December 2015

A350´s anti-jetlag measures.

One of the biggest downsides to a long-haul flight is waiting for your body to readjust to the new time zone once you touch down.

Source: Airbus

But Airbus and Qatar Airways think they might have found a solution to the perennial jetlag problem with their latest aircraft.

Source: Airbus

The A350 XWB comes with a variety of improvements designed to minimize that groggy feeling you get from flying halfway around the world.

One of the main innovations is a system of LED lights inside the cabin that are designed to change color to mimic the Sun's natural glow - and they're programmed to fit in with our bodies' natural circadian rhythms no matter what the actual time is.

What's more, the plane's filtering system refreshes the air inside the cabin every 2 or 3 minutes, and keeps it pressurized at the equivalent of an altitude of 1,828.8 meters (6,000 feet).

Again, Airbus says this improves passengers-comfort and minimize the effects of jetlag once they step back onto the ground.

In terms of passenger comfort, the economy seats are a little wider and a little further apart, and it's easier to get down the aisles.

The interior design of the cabin can be adapted by individual airlines, depending on how they want to make use of the space (and how many business class passengers they're expecting).

"The design process was about optimization, pushing the constraints, and opening up the box of solutions," said Alain De Zotti, chief engineer of the A350 XWB program.

"We're trying to make the jet relevant for the future. There's an open architecture that can evolve to welcome new functions and can cope with the evolution of technology."

Based on the article “This new Airbus carbon fibre plane is designed to beat jetlag” published in Science Alert

23 December 2015

Toilets supplied by Zodiac Aerospace impacting A350 FAL.

France's Zodiac Aerospace is behind schedule in supplying toilets for the Airbus A350.

Zodiac is starting to slowly emerge from a year-long crisis over delays in production of aircraft seats that disrupted some airplane deliveries.

The same day but in a different place… Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders said the planemaker may miss its target for 15 A350 deliveries this year because of delays in receiving cabin fittings.

Zodiac Aerospace CEO Olivier Zarrouati told analysts on a conference call that resolving the delays in delivering onboard toilets would take only a "few months".

Zodiac said it was meanwhile ahead of schedule on deliveries of A350 electrical systems.

Zodiac has opened a new assembly line in Canada to support the production increase, which includes plans for a quadrupling of output to 60 aircraft in 2016.

"We are working very closely with Airbus to analyze our collective capacities to support the assembly line," Zarrouati said.

"It won't take as long to resolve as the seats...We are talking about a few months," he added.

Zodiac has announced a new reduction in the number of aircraft seats caught up by recent production delays to 300 units from 500 in late November and 1,700 in September.

Based on the article “Zodiac facing delays in delivering A350 aircraft toilets” published in Reuters.

22 December 2015

A350 one year after the 1st delivery: +13 delivered and -5 in the orderbook.

The first delivery of the A350 to Qatar Airways was delivered one year ago on 22/December/2014 in a ceremony held at Toulouse.


In one year, deliveries have been nearly as planned; 13 aircraft delivered to 4 operators in 4 continents.

Source: Jujug Spotting

After Qatar Airways, the 2nd A350 operator who received an aircraft was Vietnam Airlines (AERCAP) on June. The 3rd operator was Finnair in October and in December, some days ago, Brazilian TAM has been the 4th operator.

Source: Airbus

Regarding deliveries, in Q1/2015 there was 1 A350 delivered to Qatar. In Q2/2015 there were delivered 3 aircraft as planned, to Qatar (2 in May and June) and to Vietnam Airlines (June).


The main issues appeared in the Q3/2015 deliveries as only 1 aircraft was delivered (to Vietnam Airlines-CIT in September). No deliveries in July and in August.

Source: Jujug Spotting

In the last 3 months of the year the situation improved with 4 deliveries in October (Finnair, Vietnam Airlines-AERCAP and 2 for Qatar Airways), 1 A350 delivered in November to Qatar and 3 deliveries in December to Vietnam Airlines, Finnair and TAM.  



Q1/2015:              1 delivery

Q2/2015:              3 deliveries

Q3/2015:              1 deliveries

Q4/2015:              8 deliveries

13 deliveries to 4 customers in 4 continents.


Concerning orders, 2 cancellations have been confirmed; -7 aircraft by Singapore in July (officially “after a request by Airbus”) and -12 aircraft by Portuguese TAP in November (substituted by A330-900neo).


There have been 14 new orders in 2015 for A350-900: +1 by ALS in June, +8 by Iberia in August, +1 by Air Caraibes in September and +4 by Singapore in October.



Q1/2015:              0 orders

Q2/2015:              +1 order

Q3/2015:              +9 orders             -7 cancellations

Q4/2015:              +4 orders             -12 cancellations

                                +14 orders          -19 cancellations =  -5     (780à775)


No new Orders nor cancellations in the A350-800 (16 orders from Aeroflot + Asiana) or in the A350-1000 (175 orders) in the complete year.


As of today, Airbus has recorded a total of 775 firm orders from 41 customers worldwide.