28 December 2015

"Made in Poland" sheet-metal parts for A350 from 2016.

Nimrod Group is progressing with recruitment of staff and the final preparations for the opening of a new industrial plant in Poland.

The new factory will support the ramp-up of the A350 producing sheet metal parts for Stelia Aerospace Tier1. Azura Polska site is located in Łódź.

Nimrod Group, a French tier2, announced last September their intention to open a new facility in Poland after receiving the invitation from Airbus Group Poland “to support long-term industrial strategy” linked to the discussions concerning the H225M Caracal helicopter offsets.

The 1st long-term agreement with Stelia Aerospace is a contract of more than 3 million hours of work, ensuring a stable and technically advanced jobs in Azura Polska until at least 2024.

Azura Polska site is planned to generate 200 to 300 new direct jobs and the initial investment of 1 million€ has been already completed including purchasing of equipments and machines that will be installed at the factory starting in January/2016.

Based on the article “Azura Polska rozpocznie produkcję części do samolotu Airbus A350” published in BiznesAlert.

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