07 December 2015

Airbus focused in particular on the cabin-interior to comply with A350 ramp-up.

Airbus programs chief Didier Evrard said the company was “focused on deliveries”.

Source: Aleksi Hamalainen

But he is confident that it will reach an output target of 15 A350-900s for 2015.

Evrard said the airframer is prioritizing the ramp-up of production, and intends to “more than double” the A350 output next year, as it bids to reach a monthly rate of 10 in 2018.
Source: Manuel Belleli

“This is something that is very important for us, and we are working very hard to reach these targets”, he said.

Cabin interiors will be a key focus for the airframer next year, said Wilhelm Airbus CFO, noting that a “favourite” supplier to Airbus had publicly disclosed problems meeting demand to some customers.

Although Wilhelm did not identify the company, seat manufacturer Zodiac has admitted “serious production difficulties” in recent weeks that have resulted in late deliveries.

“We need to be focused in particular on the interior, and make sure that stuff comes to the final assembly line (FAL) in time, at the quality foreseen” he said.

“This is one of the challenges we have to master for 2016”.

However, JP Morgan broker stays negative on Rolls-Royce ahead of announcements and is taking into account a slower-than-expected ramp up in production of the A350, for which Rolls-Royce is providing engines.


Based on the article “It can meet A350 delivery forecast”


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  2. Well we all suspected that it was the interiors holding things up.This has not just dropped out of the air.It has been in the making for years and they should have been better prepared. It has knock on effects with other suppliers as seen with Rolls Royce-not good.