27 December 2015

TAM replaces 6 A350-900s with bigger A350-1000s.

The LATAM Airlines Group revealed last week a partial conversion of its order of Airbus A350-900; 6 of 27 ordered A350-900s have been replaced by 6 A350-1000.

Within the 1st A350 delivery ceremony on 18/Dec, LATAM announced that they had converted "in September of this year" 6 orders for the largest model, the A350-1000, "by reason of its superior ability".

José Zaidan Malus, Vice President of fleet and engines of LATAM, explained that "we are always very attentive to the context, adjusting the fleet renewal plan in order to obtain an optimal allocation of aircraft for each market.”

The entry into service of the A350-900 is scheduled 25/January from the base of TAM Airlines at Sao Paulo-Guarulhos to Manaus-Eduardo Gomes Airport on 1 of the 3 daily flights.

She will flight in March to Miami and on 4/April to Madrid.

All pictures. Source: Airbus
Based on the article “TAM Airlines aura six Airbus A350-1000 et une classe Premium” published in Air Journal.

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  1. It was just a matter of time the demand for the - 1000 takes off