22 December 2015

A350 one year after the 1st delivery: +13 delivered and -5 in the orderbook.

The first delivery of the A350 to Qatar Airways was delivered one year ago on 22/December/2014 in a ceremony held at Toulouse.


In one year, deliveries have been nearly as planned; 13 aircraft delivered to 4 operators in 4 continents.

Source: Jujug Spotting

After Qatar Airways, the 2nd A350 operator who received an aircraft was Vietnam Airlines (AERCAP) on June. The 3rd operator was Finnair in October and in December, some days ago, Brazilian TAM has been the 4th operator.

Source: Airbus

Regarding deliveries, in Q1/2015 there was 1 A350 delivered to Qatar. In Q2/2015 there were delivered 3 aircraft as planned, to Qatar (2 in May and June) and to Vietnam Airlines (June).


The main issues appeared in the Q3/2015 deliveries as only 1 aircraft was delivered (to Vietnam Airlines-CIT in September). No deliveries in July and in August.

Source: Jujug Spotting

In the last 3 months of the year the situation improved with 4 deliveries in October (Finnair, Vietnam Airlines-AERCAP and 2 for Qatar Airways), 1 A350 delivered in November to Qatar and 3 deliveries in December to Vietnam Airlines, Finnair and TAM.  



Q1/2015:              1 delivery

Q2/2015:              3 deliveries

Q3/2015:              1 deliveries

Q4/2015:              8 deliveries

13 deliveries to 4 customers in 4 continents.


Concerning orders, 2 cancellations have been confirmed; -7 aircraft by Singapore in July (officially “after a request by Airbus”) and -12 aircraft by Portuguese TAP in November (substituted by A330-900neo).


There have been 14 new orders in 2015 for A350-900: +1 by ALS in June, +8 by Iberia in August, +1 by Air Caraibes in September and +4 by Singapore in October.



Q1/2015:              0 orders

Q2/2015:              +1 order

Q3/2015:              +9 orders             -7 cancellations

Q4/2015:              +4 orders             -12 cancellations

                                +14 orders          -19 cancellations =  -5     (780à775)


No new Orders nor cancellations in the A350-800 (16 orders from Aeroflot + Asiana) or in the A350-1000 (175 orders) in the complete year.


As of today, Airbus has recorded a total of 775 firm orders from 41 customers worldwide.



  1. Have to say,that this year(2015) has not been a very good one in delivery terms. If deliveries don't start to get delivered on time,then operators will be looking for alternatives.
    Airbus have a beautiful and an economic aircraft in the A350-if problems with "interiors" are not sorted pronto,it could be a very diffircult year next year,where the 'ramp up' is supposed to start in earnest, with 3/5 per month the necessary requirment.

  2. I wouldn't call deliveries as "nearly as planned." A story run here in May said they really expected about 17 deliveries this year. Then it was 15-17, then 15, and finally 13. I'm happy for the 13, but things didn't go as well as planned. Ending up with negative orders is also not a good sign.