01 December 2015

And the 1st 10-abreast A350 goes to … Air Caraïbes.

Airbus confirmed at the Dubai Air Show that it has a customer for the “Budget Economy” product on its A350XWB aircraft.

Source: Airbus

That means 10-across seating will be flying on the A350 a couple years hence.


Mark Pearman-Wright, Head of Corporate & Investor Marketing Customer Affairs, confirmed in an interview at the show that a European leisure-market carrier has ordered the dense layout for its pending orders.


Based on a review of the open order book this almost certainly indicates that Air Caraïbes will be that customer.


Air Caraïbes has 6 A350s on order with deliveries initially expected for 2016 but more likely 2017.


The French airline currently flies A330s in a 9-abreast layout; going 10-across on the A350 is not too surprising in that context.


The confirmation means that the A350 will see a budget economy layout before the A380 will, despite much noise around the potential for 11-abreast on the larger aircraft.


Based on the article “Air Caraibes to be First 10-abreast A350 Customer” published in Wandering Aramean Blog.


  1. How many seats will that make for the aircraft?

  2. A350-900 and A350-1000 with 387 and 439 seats in “eco-efficient leisure cabin

  3. .Means sardine tin! Cram them in,it would suit Ryanair.

  4. .Means sardine tin! Cram them in,it would suit Ryanair.

  5. I think I am watching on flightradar24 a Vietnam Airlines A350 (A889) on delivery flight. It is over Italy, a long way for a test flight!