28 August 2015

Lufthansa selects premium economy seats for A350 … out of Airbus catalogue.

Lufthansa will take delivery of its Airbus A350 XWB aircraft with a seat gap where premium economy will be.

Why? Because its premium economy seatmaker ZIM FLUGSITZ  is not on the Airbus catalogue of pre-selected, pre-approved seats for the A350.

Those planes will be delivered with economy down the back, and whatever the airline decides upon up front (not officially communicated if Lufthansa will be outfitting these aircraft with first class) but with nothing in between.

Lufthansa Technik will complete the ZIM premium economy install post-delivery.

Lufthansa's 747-8i premium economy cabin

ZIM has for Premium Economy Class the ZIMmagic seats for long-haul flights which offers “a new experience in flying”.

“The greater distance to the passenger to the side of you, the improved IFE system and the footrest provide a unique comfort for the passengers who can recline up to 9" their seats.”

Singapore Airlines has chosen ZIM for A380 seats but for A350 the airline has followed the catalogue suggestion of Zodiac Aerospace.

Based on the article “How Lufthansa Technik prepares aircraft for entry into service” published in Runway Girl Network.


  1. Maybe Lufthansa, wants them delivered sooner! and will fit its own seats faster!

  2. Yea funny how with all the problems airbus and boeing have been having with zodiac, they still push their products by way of their catalogs. No wonder etihad threw the catalog in the trash and went their own way.

  3. John, I'd be suprised if seat deliveries would affect the critical path in case of Lufthansa....