30 August 2015

A350 Door Trainer delivered to Ethiopian Airlines

EDM announced that it has shipped an A350 Door Trainer to Ethiopian Airlines.

EDM is a British leading provider of training simulators to the civil aviation and defence sectors.

The Door Trainer will enable Ethiopian Airlines’ cabin crew to be fully trained in the operation of A350 aircraft exits and doors including procedures for normal, abnormal and emergency operation.

Built to meet EU-OPS and associated standards using Airbus licensed data, the A350 Door Trainer is designed to meet 20.000 door opening cycles per year.

The A350 Door Trainer has been sent to Addis Ababa as part of a contract to supply a broad range of training products. It will be installed at Ethiopian Airlines’ state-of- the-art training facility at Bola International Airport.

EDM was the first company in the industry to produce an A350 Door Trainer when it manufactured one for Cathay Pacific at the beginning of this year.

This latest A350 Door Trainer is the company’s 2nd and a 3rd is currently in production for Singapore Airlines.

Based on the press release “A350 Door Trainer leaves EDM for Ethiopian Airlines

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  1. good to hear a british company in on the act,perhaps Airbus should build another assembly plant here in the UK! Then perhaps,with two assembly lines compeating against each other deliveries would be faster! Cant see Cameroon or any of his crowd showing interest.