31 August 2015

Philippine Airlines considering A350 for new routes.

Philippine Airlines has confirmed it is considering whether to purchase or lease 8 Boeing 787 or Airbus A350 XWB planes to allow it to fly non-stop to more destinations in the United States and Europe from Manila.

The airline, owned by PAL Holdings of business tycoon Lucio Tan, was also considering buying or leasing 9 Q300 or Q400 Bombardier turboprops to replace ageing similar models in its fleet, said its president Jaime Bautista.

"The Dreamliner and XWB will be contributing to savings in fuel, savings in maintenance and will allow us to improve our product because we can fly non-stop to more destinations," Bautista told reporters, adding delivery could be in 2017-2018.

One month ago Singapore Airlines released 7 A350 back to Airbus as requested by the aircraft manufacturer.

All pictures. Source: Airbus

Based on the article “Philippine Air to purchase or lease Boeing, Airbus planes” published in Reuters.


  1. Only airbus could make a cancellation sound so appealing. .bottom line is you lost 7 orders on your backlog..You can sugar coat it all you want.

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  3. Just the result of bad deliveries. You may differ from my argument but the fact is,3 years ago Airbus had a very different delivery programme. We all know,that both Boeing and Airbus have their hands full with all the orders that they have but signs like this do not bode well, its starts other Airlines wondering whether they need to reduced orders too. Airbus gives off an auroa of it will come right in the end, while Boeing is all business and will keep pushing to the limit. Thats what prospective buyers like to see. For as much as they like the Aircraft with their economic and carbon lowing figures, they want them as soon as possible. Even John Leahy warned Airbus, that if he had more Aircraft,he could sell every one. In plain language thats "get a move on guys" Every CEO in the Airline business remembers the A380 fiasco -is looking to see if Airbus has got a grip on deliveries-from my perspective, they have not.