01 September 2015

Last big opportunity for major A350 orders; Dubai Air Show in November.

Leeham has started to look to the 2015 Dubai Air Show to be held on 8/November.

This event is going to be the last big opportunity for major airplane orders for this year.

The Dubai show has become increasingly on a par with the Farnborough and Paris air shows, but focused on wide-body orders and program launches.

Eyes on the Dubai Air Show will be watching for what could be would be this year’s prize catch: whether Emirates Airlines will be ready to place the oft-talked about order for 50-70 Airbus A350-900s or Boeing 787-10s.

The other big item of interest –not linked to this medium twin-aisle order as per Tim Clark, president and COO of Emirates- is if Airbus will launch the A380neo.

Qatar Airways and Lufthansa Airlines will be watching Airbus movement very closely.

Leeham states that “Airbus might have gained some advantage with the expected launch of the A350-900LR, which adds about 600nm to the range of the airplane at the expense of some passenger seats.”

Currently Airbus has an orderbook for 774 A350 from 40 customers.

 All pictures. Source: Airbus

Based on the article “Pontifications: Casting eyes toward Dubai Air Show” published in Leeham Co.


  1. Here comes the real telling moment for the A350-dont be surprised if clark goes for Boeings

  2. You just know there going to launch the a380neo.

    1. Hope its the A380-900 neo Greg-its needed before 2022(deliveries that is) because thats when the B777-9x will have its first delivery and to get resonable sales Airbus will have to deliver before then.
      Otherwise airlines will buy the 777-9x with 400 seats only two engines and a delivery date.