08 September 2015

Huge loan from European Investment Bank to support Rolls-Royce´s development of A350-1000 engine.

Rolls-Royce will receive a £280 (381€ or $425) million loan to help develop the company's new engines.

Source: Rolls-Royce

The 7-year loan, from the European Investment Bank, is one of the largest ever agreed between the bank and a UK company and will support the development of the higher thrust version of the Trent XWB aero-engine made in Derby.

The European Investment Bank has loaned Rolls-Royce more than £723 (984€) million for investment in the UK in the last decade, as well as supporting research and development by the company elsewhere in Europe.

Source: Airbus

Jonathan Taylor, vice president of the European Investment Bank, said: "The European Investment Bank is committed to supporting long-term investment in research and development across Europe.”

"We are pleased to have helped strengthen manufacturing by Rolls-Royce in Derby over many years.

"Investment to help develop new engines builds on the unique strengths of Rolls-Royce and will help to ensure cutting-edge skills and engineering techniques build better and more efficient engines for the global airline market."

Source: Airbus

The 97,000lb-thrust Trent XWB-97 engine is currently undergoing a rigorous test regime as it prepares for its first flight later this year and subsequent entry into service on the A350 XWB-1000 in 2017.

Based on the article “Huge £280m loan will give thrust to new Rolls-Royce engine” published in DerbyTelegraph


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  2. One of our very best export companies and it has to go cap in hand to the European Investment Bank for a loan. Where is our government support? A government that has paid £billions of public money to corrupt banks. Why aren't they supporting our engineering base?

  3. I suspect Government support would come under state funding which could trigger a WTO row which Airbus and Boeing already know a lot about...