05 September 2015

First 2 A350s for TAM will be repainted by 2018.

LATAM Airlines Group unveiled a new logo last month in Sao Paulo and said it will repaint its fleet of more than 300 aircraft as and when they are due for maintenance, expecting to have its new branding on its entire fleet in 2018.

Source: Airbus

“We are doing it in an intelligent way,” said LATAM chief marketing officer Jerome Cadier, adding that the airline wants to minimize taking aircraft out of service for the paint job.

LATAM’s new logo is primarily in indigo and coral, with the airline’s name presented in bold white letters. The carrier said the choice of indigo “falls between red and blue” - the main colors of TAM and LAN. Coral, the 2nd color, is a symbol of “energy and passion”, said the airline.

Source: Airbus

Cadier said the airline will debut its new paint job in the first half of 2016, before the 2016 Summer Olympics, which is being hosted in Rio de Janeiro.

Cadier said the group’s first A350, to be operated by TAM and expected to be delivered by Airbus at the end of this year, will still feature TAM’s existing livery.

Source: Jujug Spotter

The 2nd A350 is also painted with TAM red and white livery. These 2 aircraft will be repainted later with LATAMs new logo.

“We have a window in which any change to the livery has to be done 12 to 18 months in advance,” he said.

LATAM expects to spend up to $40 million on the rebranding, but notes that this is only the cost of the physical rebranding itself, which includes repainting aircraft, providing new uniforms for staff and changing airport signage. Cadier estimates that at least 80% of the $40 million will go towards aircraft repainting.

LAN and TAM closed their merger in 2012, creating Latin America’s biggest airline group. It has passenger subsidiaries in Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Based on the article “LATAM's entire fleet to have new livery by 2018” published in Flight Global.


  1. Bad timing. ..they get 1 yr.out of a brand new paint job.

  2. Have to say I prefer the old logo,you always knew it was Tam. The same is true of American Airways, always preferred the silver with the stripes-Oh well its called 'progress' I presume.