13 September 2015

Finnair has been part of the A350 development team within “Airline Office”.

In this article written by Miika Haatio, Head of Fleet Engineering A350 at Finnair, he explains some details of his work at Toulouse during the development phase of the A350 as member of the “Airline Office”.

“I was stationed in Toulouse for 3 years, and I represented Finnair at Airbus’ airline office together with colleagues representing five other airlines” Haatio said.

“Airbus’ strength is in designing aircraft. We brought in the operators point of view, what the aircraft should be like in terms of airlines expectations in operability and maintainability.”

Source: Airbus

“I really am confident that not only the A350 is an excellent aircraft for us to operate but it also brings the comfort of travel experience for our customers to the next level.

Source: Airbus

“We are the 1st airline in Europe to fly the A350, and this position isn’t anything new to us. We may be a small airline but we’ve always been courageous enough to look in the future well ahead. “

“It will be an absolute joy and emotional moment when the ribbon gets cut and we’ll fly our first baby home.

“The big day is in just few weeks.  I’m sure receiving the plane in Toulouse will be an emotional moment for me and the company as a whole.

Based on the article “Designing state of the art aircraft” published in Finnair.blog.com


  1. Have just read an article from Airbus press centre dated 16th dec 2014
    "First Finnair A350 taking shape in the Rogerr Beteille FAL" REALLY? Where is it? thats over 9months for one aircraft! Well Airbus, you are really going to have to "Ramp up" very seriously, very soon.

    1. MSN 18 is finished and parked on the flightline preparing for 1st flight since end of august.

  2. You seriously don't have a clue on large scale industrial ramp-ups. It takes 3 months to build a 777 from scratch and that's an aircraft that's been in productions for years. 9 months is not unusual for early aircraft due to the re-work required to introduce changes made during certification. Batch 3 aircraft are about to enter production and this will reduce the rework time. 5 aircraft are now on the flightline - all but one is flying. Now the summer holidays are over there has been a marked increase in activity.