21 September 2015

Finnair to take delivery on its 1st A350-900 on 7/October. Schedule for familiarization flights in October.

Finnair has slightly adjusted its Airbus A350 long-haul launch schedule, due to changes in the expected delivery schedules of the company’s first A350 aircraft, the needs of the crew familiarization program, and other operational factors.

Source: Clement Alloing

The company wants to offer the best possible customer experience for its customers, and has therefore adopted a slightly more conservative launch schedule than previously indicated.

Source: Airbus

Hand over ceremony is scheduled on 7/October at Helsinki, with the 1st commercial flight scheduled on 9/Oct to Amsterdam and Oslo.

For the first few weeks, the new aircraft will serve crew familiarization flights in Europe.


These are the planned A350-900 familiarization flights:
Helsinki – Amsterdam                                    9/Oct

Helsinki – Oslo                                                9/Oct

Helsinki – Barcelona until                               10/Oct-24/Oct

Helsinki – Malaga until                                    10/Oct-24/Oct

Helsinki – Hamburg                                        11/Oct

Helsinki – Brussels                                          12/Oct

Helsinki – Berlin Tegel                                    13/Oct

Helsinki – Gothenburg                                    13/Oct

Helsinki – Dusseldorf                                      14/Oct

Helsinki – Vienna                                            14/Oct-20/Nov

Helsinki – Munich                                           15/Oct

Helsinki – London Heathrow                           WAS: 6/Oct     IS: 15/Oct

Helsinki – Copenhagen                                   WAS: 8/Oct     IS: 18/Oct

Helsinki – Frankfurt                                         WAS: 7/Oct     IS: 19/Oct

Helsinki – Paris CDG                                      WAS: 8/Oct     IS: 31/Oct

Source: Jujug Spotting

Finnair’s 1st Airbus A350 XWB enters into long-haul service on 21/November when the aircraft flies from Helsinki to Shanghai.

The next A350 long haul destinations include Beijing (from 4/December), Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore as previously announced.

Source: Airbus
Finnair will also take the aircraft to New York later this year, becoming the first airline in the world to fly to the US with this new aircraft type.





Based on the press release “Delivery ceremony of Finnair’s first Airbus A350 XWB aircraft to take place on October 7; long-haul service to Shanghai to start November 21”.


  1. First to the Big Apple- Good Luck.

  2. Ok, things are moving now. Lets see if it gets delivered on time. QR still has 2 at the delivery center

  3. Well, this one is slightly late,hence the resuffle of the dates and with 17 aircraft in FAL at Toulouse you would think that things really are beginning to move. Yesterday Airbus announced a further 'ramp up' of the A350(obviously John Leahy is shouting!) of 13/15 per month in 2017/18? First, they ought to try 13 a year!

  4. So by giving the readers enough tantrums you expect Airbus to deviate from their planning. Dream on.
    There is actually no news around on John Leahy loudly proclaiming higher production numbers.