18 September 2015

First A350-1000 fuselage sections´ manufacturing on track.

The section-19 for MSN59 has been completed and delivered to Germany.

Source: Airbus

The tail cone is manufactured in Spain; the lateral shells at Illescas composite site and later the assembly is completed at Getafe site.

The Section 19 is later shipped from Getafe to Hamburg for build up with the Section 16-18 panels.

Source: Premium AEROTEC

On the same date, Premium AEROTEC's Nordenham site handed over the complete front fuselage section for the same 1st A350-1000.


This fuselage section will be completed by a CFRP door frame, bringing significant savings in weight and costs.

Delivery of the rear fuselage section from Augsburg is scheduled for the end of September.

Source: Lindner Fotografie

During the ceremony at Nordenham, Daniel Wenninger, Program Head at Airbus for the front and rear fuselage of the A350-1000, said: "In addition to higher loads and the use of new structural technologies, the over 3-metres longer fuselage section for the -1000 made considerable modifications in the design and construction necessary compared to its sister model A350-900. "
"The team managed to devise a first-class design for this highly complex aircraft component and to deliver it on time and in the desired high quality. That is something they can be proud of."

Based on the press release “Premium AEROTEC übergibt erste vordere CFK-Rumpfsektion für A350-1000”

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