29 September 2015

Rear fuselage side shells for the first A350-1000 delivered to Hamburg pre-FAL.

Premium AEROTEC has handed over the rear side shells for the first A350-1000 to Airbus at its Augsburg site.

Each of the 2 side shells is over 17 meters in length and almost 5.5 meters wide.

Source: Premium Aerotec

This makes them the largest aircraft components to be manufactured in CFRP in Europe.

Together with the floor structure and the CFRP pressure bulkhead, which are both developed and produced in Augsburg, this will be assembled by Airbus in Hamburg to create the complete rear fuselage section of the first A350-1000.

SOurce: Lindner Fotografie

“Just 2 weeks after handing over the front fuselage section to our customer in Nordenham, today we are celebrating hand-over of the first 2 rear side shells, yet another milestone in the A350 program.

Source: Fred Schöllhorn

That makes us confident that we can successfully master industrial ramp up for this program, which is so important for us,” said Joachim Nägele, Program Head for Premium AEROTEC, during a low key hand-over ceremony in front of 250 Premium AEROTEC staff and representatives from the customer, whom he thanked for the successful collaboration.

The side shells for the -1000 are over 3 meters longer than those of the sister model, the A350-900
Premium AEROTEC is manufacturing the side shells of the rear fuselage (section 16/18), the floor structure and the pressure bulkhead at its Augsburg site.

SOurce: Lindner Fotografie

This site is also producing the individual components of the CFRP door frame, which will be assembled at the Varel site.

In Nordenham the company is manufacturing the complete front fuselage section 13/14.


Based on the press release “Premium AEROTEC delivers its biggest ever CFRP component”

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