23 September 2015

1200 litres of final paint for TAM´s A350-900.

The A350-900 of TAM, which was painted in September, required 1200 litres of final paint to complete the brazilian company´s livery.

9 days in the paint-shop at Toulouse where the technology called Base Coat – Clear Coat (BCCC) is used.

Using this technology for all A350s, electrostatic guns paint with more pigment.
In the end, the process requires less ink (10% reduction) and let the aircraft approximately 20 kg lighter than with the traditional process.

The black windshield, between the glass, is the specific detail of the A350 for all airlines, turning out in a hallmark of this model.

All picture. Source: Airbus
Based on the article “Airbus usou 1.200 litros de tinta para pintar A350 da TAM” published in Gazeta do Povo.


  1. It will be repainted next year..
    Cmon. Perfect chance to debut new livery!!

  2. I think the third TAM will be in the LANTAM livery.