03 September 2015

Airbus will continue with investments in Russia for the A350 “even with the sanctions in place”.

During the MAKS-2015 airshow last week, Christopher Buckley, Airbus EVP Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific said: "We had to manage our way through the sanctions that are in place over the last year or two, and there is no doubt that sometimes it is a little bit challenging, but I think our clear objective is knowing that as time goes on we need to deliver all our aircraft to Russia”.

Source: RT

“We have great long-term confidence in the Russian marketplace so we will keep doing business even with the sanctions in place."

He added that Russia is a market that will require 2.000 large jet aircraft in 20 years.

Airbus has been the unique major foreign aircraft producer to display a brand new airplane at theMAKS-2015 expo in the Moscow Region.

Airbus has an engineering office in Russia that has been working in the A350 program with stress support for rear Fuselage.

Source: aapsky

Additionally it has contracts in place since many years ago with VSMPO, the largest titanium supplier in the world.

Based on the article “Airbus presents A-350-900 at MAKS-2015 aviation expo, will continue Russia investments” published in RT.


  1. Obviously the Titanium has nothing to do with it!

    1. Mostly linked to the absolute dumbness of US forced sanctions against the Russian Federation.
      Satan in this reality lives on its own continent.