24 August 2015

This is what MAKS visitors will see inside A350.

MSN1 first flying prototype is visiting MAKS Russian Airshow this week.

This first prototype with register F-WXWB has a very interesting interior as it is being used for exploring the flight envelope and to test systems and powerplant.

During the certification phase, she flew more than 1000 hours in 275 flights since the first flight on 14/June/2013.

MAKS is an International Air Show held near Moscow on Zhukovskiy LII air field.

Source: Airbus

Starting tomorrow 25/Aug, the A350 will fly back to Toulouse on 27 with static and 7-minutes flight displays on both 2 days of the airshow.

The Russian show is famous because of the flight displays. And this MAKS 2015 will be no exception at all.

“The best Russian test pilots will demonstrate unique capabilities of advanced military and civil fixed and rotary wings for specialist and numerous visitors of the air show in Zhukovsky skies.”

Source: MAKS-2015

From Russian Air Force, there will be flight demonstrations of the Knights Team (Sukhoi Su-27P and Su-27UB), Swifts Team (MiG-29), Falcons Team (Sukhoi Su-27), Golden Eagles (6 Mi-28N attack helicopters), Taurida Wings Team (6 Yak-130 fighter trainers) as well as other acrobatic teams.

Source: Airbus

Aeroflot was one of the early customers for the A350, as it signed for 22 aircraft in 2007. Although the A350-800 development is cancelled, Airbus still counts Aeroflot orders among the total orders collected so far.

Currently there are 8 A350-800 and 14 A350-900 orders considered in Airbus´ orderbook.

Source: Airbus

Aeroflot has cancelled an order for 22 787 2 months ago and is also reviewing its order for 22 Airbus A350s; the on-order mix of 8 A350-800s and 14 A350-900s is "something that we are looking at".

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