26 August 2015

Roll out of Finnair's first A350.

The First A350 with Finnair livery has been rolled out today at Toulouse.

Source: Finnair

The MSN18 will be in the flightline within another 4 aircraft that should be delivered in comming days and weeks.

MSN8  Qatar Airways
MSN15 Vietnam Airlines

MSN11 Qatar Airways

MSN16 Vietnam Airlines


Although this aircraft's delivery was planned for mid-August 5 months ago, the delivery will finally be in September.

Source: Finnair

Finnair will test the A350 aircraft on some shorthaul routes on the first week of October and will start Helsinky-Sanghay route on 25/October.

Source: Airbus

The MSN19 and MSN20 for Finnair are currently painted, on interior completion and engines installation phase.


  1. Finally! A small admission that deliveries are running late. Thank you.

    Based on the current precedent that the airplane is delivered about a month after first flight, we should see MSN015 for Vietnam Airlines delivered very soon. Qatar's MSN008 should have been delivered already, but there is probably a small issue with the interior.

    Looking forward to the upcoming deliveries (and times).

  2. Airbus needs another production facility(or assembly plant). Toulouse is hard pressed being maxed out on the A320neo and the A330neo. The A350 is way behind,promised deliveries of three years ago, will be at least 19 aircraft behindat year end. As for the 'secret' A380neo, I believe orders for that aircraft will be very few. Emirates will dump it for the new Boeing 777-9x which carries 400 passengers with deliveries in 2022. That has only two engines and has a delivery date!