26 November 2014

Kuwait Airways orders 10 777-300ERs because there isn´t any white-tail A350 available for 2016.

Kuwait Airways has confirmed it is buying 10 Boeing 777-300ERs. The preliminary agreement means the state-owned flag carrier (with a nearly all-Airbus fleet) is greatly expanding its ties with Boeing.

Source: Airbus

“We appreciate the start of a new partnership with Kuwait Airways,” said Marty Bentrott, Boeing’s vice-president of sales for Middle East, Russia and Central Asia.

This long awaited decision has a key lever; deliveries will begin in two years, in November/2016. And there are no A350s available for 2016. Airbus has preferred to secure the order of 25 A350s from Delta (deliveries beginning in 2017) than selling 10 aircraft more to Kuwait Airways that has already 10 A350 (deliveries beginning in 2019).  

Source: Airbus

The offer was accepted after securing all necessary official approvals and the contract will be signed soon, chairwoman Rasha al-Rumi said.

In February, loss-making KAC signed contracts with Airbus to buy 25 planes in the first order for new aircraft in more than 20 years; 15 A320neo and 10 A350-900s, with an option to buy 5 more of each. Under a second contract, KAC will lease 7 A320s and 5 A330s, with delivery due to start next month.

Source: publico.pt

The airline, which is slated for eventual privatization, has an ageing fleet of 12 Airbuses (5 A300-600Rs, 3 A310-300s and 4 A340-300s) and 3 Boeings (2 777-200ERs and one 747-400 Combi). It has posted losses in all but one of the past 21 years, amounting to a total of more than $2.7 billion, which has been covered by the government.

Based on the article “Kuwait Airways confirms decision to opt Boeing 777-300ERs” published in Arabian Aerospace


  1. What goes around , comes around, now airbus knows what it feels like to lose an order based on unavailable slots.!!

  2. The Delta order is bigger than the Kuwaiti order anyway, at least comparing the A350s. 5 more doesn't seem much, but it will in terms of cash

  3. This aircraft turns out to be good option as its performance and specification are at high end. Providing 359 passengers seating capacity with a range 13,335 km and the new highly tapered raked wingtip extensions used to reduce take-off field length along with climb performance and fuel efficiency. Considering all the above specs Boeing 777-300ER can be a good deal for Kuwait Airways.

    What is your take on this??