23 December 2014

1st A350 transfer flight home, Doha.

Qatar Airways' first A350 XWB (A7-ALA) has departed today from Toulouse (France) on it's delivery flight to Doha, Qatar. 

But she was not alone. The 4th A380 of Qatar Airways (A7-APD) is also making it's first journey home.

With the delivery of this A350, the airline becomes the first carrier in the world to operate every family of Airbus’ modern airliner portfolio, comprising the A320, A330/A340, A350 and A380.

All pictures Source Airbus

Based on the press release "Qatar Airways’ 1st A350 accompanies its 4th A380 for delivery to Qatar".

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  1. Why would the A380 be considered since it's the only member of its family? 320/321, 332/333, 342/343/345/346, 359/351, 388 ..... Adding the A380 means that under the same logic you'd include the A318 and the A319.