02 August 2015

A350 XWB full flight simulator achieved the highest certification

CAE has achieved the highest certification (Level D qualification) for its A350 XWB full-flight simulator located at the Airbus Training Center in Toulouse.

Source: Finnair

The FAA, the Directorate General for Civil Aviation in France and the European Aviation Safety Agency granted the Level D qualification to CAE’s A350 XWB full-flight simulator.

Source: Airbus

“Achieving Level D qualification for the first A350 XWB simulator marks an important milestone, which highlights 5 years of collaborative efforts with Airbus in the development of the full-flight simulator,” said Nick Leontidis, CAE’s group president of civil aviation training services.

Source: Finnair

The A350 XWB simulator, along with the Airbus Pilot Transition and a flight management system trainer, is based at the Airbus training center in Toulouse, France.
A350 also obtained Level 6 qualification from the FAA and Level 2 from the DGAC/EASA for pilot common type ratings qualifications.

Based on the press release “CAE A350 Full-Flight Simulator Nets FAA Level D Rating”


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    1. Why missing, there are 12 flying A350 out there. The 13th will follow next week.