14 August 2015

German Minister of labour visits A350 production site at Stade

German Minister Olaf Lies said that as an engineer, he was impressed by the complexity of the products manufactured in Stade Airbus site and by the possibilities of use of composite materials.

The Minister of economics, labour and transport undertook a visit to the facility in late-July accompanied by other local and regional politicians as well as Airbus top employees.

The Stade plant -with approximately 2.000 employees- the A350 XWB fuselage shells and wing upper covers are manufactured and the vertical stabilizer is assembled.

The Minister said that "optimized work processes assure the production in Germany”

Based on the article “Olaf Lies bei Airbus in Stade: Als Ingenieur beeindruckt von der Komplexität der Produkte” published in kreiszeitung-wochenblatt.de


  1. Now wouldn't that be great if we had engineer MP's in the UK-Just shows where the priorities in the UK are.

  2. Note that he's not the "German minister of labour" - he's minister of labour in the state government of Lower Saxony (where Stade is located).
    The minister of labour in Angela Merkel's cabinet is Andrea Nahles who has a degree in political science. Not much different from the UK, John :-)

  3. Oh, I didn't know that,you seem very well informed. Thank you Anonymous