14 October 2013

First flight of the second A350 XWB prototype MSN3.

4 months later the MSN1 first flight, the second A350 XWB to fly, MSN3, has joined the flight test program at Tolouse-Blagnac Airport, after successfully completing its first flight that lasted approximately 5 hours.

The MSN3 test aircraft was flown by Frank Chapman and Thierry Bourges, Airbus Test Pilots. Accompanying them in the cockpit was Gérard Maisonneuve, Test Flight Engineer, while three Flight Test Engineers monitored the progress of the flight profile: Tuan Do, Robert Lignée and Stéphane Vaux.

MSN3 - similarly to MSN1 - has no cabin but is equipped with heavy flight test installation and will be used for performance tests.

The aircraft, MSN3, took off at about 09:50 local time and flew north-west to the Bay of Biscay. It has landed back at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport France, shortly after 14:30 hours local time.

Based on the press release “Second A350 XWB test aircraft successfully completes first flight” published by Airbus.

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  1. Good to see the program advancing without major incidents and on time so far!