24 September 2012

Simplified Inflight Entertraiment-IFE supplier decision close to be taken

Customers told Airbus they wanted the latest generation IFE products from Panasonic and Thales. But during customer focus groups two years ago airlines also said they were interested in light or simplified IFE solutions as well.

“So we have listened to the market and there is an ongoing RFP with the different suppliers to offer light IFE,” says Hrnkova, “which could be seat-centric or another type of solution”.

Ms. Zuzana Hrnkova, head of aircraft interior marking, customer affairs

Airbus’ decision to close-in on a light IFE supplier partner coincides with recent declarations made by The IMS Company that it is now ready to consider line offerability of its seatcentric RAVE system after both airframers and airlines pressed the company to make RAVE available on new-build aircraft.

It is also conceivable that Airbus could decide to offer wireless IFE as an option.

Based on article "Airbus closes in on lightweight IFE supplier for A350 XWB" published on http://blog.apex.aero 

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