19 September 2012

Vertical Stabilizer final inspection is done with laser-tracker measuring equipment

The Vertical Tail Fin VTP of A350 XWB is assembled at Stade Airbus facility close to Hamburg. The composite and metallic parts of the VTP are supplied by Aciturri (Spanish Tier1) and assembled by Airbus team, with a huge background on this kind of assemblies; VTPs for A330 and for A400M are also assembled at Stade.

Just before installing the Rudder (that is received finished from another Spanish Tier1, Aernnova) a final inspection is done with the VTP in vertical position. It is performed with laser-tracker measuring equipment, being inspected the hinge line, front spar and left shell.

Metromecanica is the company with big know how in industrial metrology that has set-up the equipment and done the programming to standardize the measurement, as shown in the croquis.  

With the theoretical surface reference, the operator will quickly and in a standard basis place the measuring accessories with the reflectors of each of elements to be inspected.  

The VTP inspection is very important as the Rear Fuselage & VTP junction represents a new concept of interface for Airbus in comparison with previous programs since it is a structural attachment using titanium fittings as well as tensile and shear bolts.

Based on information available at www.metromecanica.com

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