27 September 2013

A350 second flight test prototype MSN3, painted between an A330 & A340. F-WZGG Registration

In this picture taken in Toulouse airport last Monday 23/January –and received by email- we can see the second flight prototype MSN3 of the A350 XWB, painted and parked outside.

F-WZGG registration for the MSN3

The picture was taken while the MSN3 was located at the end of the flight test line, next to the A340-600 and the A330, both aircraft that will be replaced in the future by the A350 XWB.

The MSN3 will be flying shortly, probably next week, joining the MSN1 into the certification program.

The MSN1 has logged more than 250 flight hours in almost 60 flights, about 10% of certification program. It has already met its performance specification in flight tests so far, as Mr. Leahy said, so a new phase of the certification test plan will start in comming days.

Based on the article “Airbus Says A330 to Survive a Decade on Long-Haul Discount Sales” published in Bloomberg.


  1. From Wikipedia, ZGG could refer to:
    Zigong City name, in Sichuan province, China
    Golders Green tube station, a station on the London Underground with National Rail station code ZGG
    Zarubezhgazneftechim Trading GmbH, a subsidiary of Gazprom

  2. ZGG: Zero Gravity Generator. MSN3 will levitate, thereby removing the need for runways and solving the airport congestion issue.

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