08 September 2013

Airbus takes the control of Alestis Aerospace nominating the new CEO.

The Board of Directors of Alestis Aerospace has approved the nomination of Francisco Javier Díaz Gil as CEO who will substitute Jesús García Argüelles starting on 23/September.

Alestis has pointed out that Francisco Javier Díaz Gil, born in Seville, is an industrial engineer and has a long career in the aeronautical sector since it began working in Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA (CASA), with a permanent link to the EADS Group, where has held numerous positions of responsibility in the Organization of Airbus Military.

Díaz Gil is currently Chairman and CEO of EADS PZL Warszawa-Okecie - Polish subsidiary of Airbus Military and director of manufacturing at Airbus Military, charges that will leave to join Alestis Aerospace.

As new CEO, Diaz Gil will consolidate the structural changes on progress since Airbus nominate a new CEO last year.

Alestis designs and builds the Belly Fairing and Section 19.1 of the Rear Fuselage for A350-900 model.

Alestis Aerospace, one of the three Spanish Tier1 in the A350 XWB program, is facing a cash crunch and from May/2012, it was placed under court administration so it is operating from one bill to the next.

Airbus took the control of the group with the arrival of García Argüelles as new CEO; he was former managing director of Airbus Military facility of Tablada (Sevilla).

After the appointment, Diaz Gil said that it begins this new professional stage with "great enthusiasm" and "the desire to continue the excellent work of transformation of the company started by Jesús García Argüelles".

A new COO has been also nominated, Joseba Pérez, who had the same position last year in Aernnova, another Spanish Tier1.

It is not the first time Airbus rescues a supplier. Tom Williams, who oversees all Airbus programs, said the company experienced supply-chain problems last year as it increased production of its A320 single-aisle jet.

“We've had to inject a lot of additional resources into the supply chain and in some cases we've had to intervene directly in the supply chain, either actually taking a management ownership in some of suppliers, injecting money, injecting our managers and talent in order to help manage the problems and keep the suppliers afloat so that we could keep feeding our production lines."

Based on the article “Alestis nombra nuevo consejero delegado” published in Europa Press

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