17 September 2013

EADS CEO Enders: “If German Government does not complete the payment of A350 star-up funding, it would have consequences.”

Kindermann asked Enders about the A350 XWB payment pending by German Federal Government; “from 1.1 billion euros were been said to, Airbus is still waiting for slightly more than half of the amount which is not paid out. Why not?”

And Tom Enders explains that the answer is linked with the topic they have talked before; “Where are the limits of industrial policy?”

“Look, there is an established system confirmed some time ago that you can make on start-up funding. Start-up financing means that the money will be returned after that even with interest. And all Governments in Europe have earned relatively good actually.”

He continued: “Governments can expect certain rewards for it, is also understandable. But there are limits somewhere. And exactly this is the discussion with the Federal Government - where are the limits.”

Enders said the limits are “relatively clear” to him but he avoid detailing more. “We talked a long time about this topic. For me this discussion is actually out of date.”

When asked about possible impacts for German sites and jobs, EADS CEO Tom Enders is quite direct: “If France, Spain and UK pay their contributions according to agreements -and of course they receive the normal consideration- and German Government doesn't do it, I cannot sit down and say: this has no consequences. That would be bad for the rest of the community.”

Based on the interview to Thomas Enders in dradio by Klemens Kindermann

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  1. The aircraft has now completed over 50 missions and must be well through 200 hours of flight testing. Today 51 over northern Bay of Biscay