22 September 2013

The A350 MSN1 will fly outside of Europe in November.

The A350 XWB first flying prototype MSN1 will fly abroad to Dubai in November and to Bolivia probably in December. But it will fly before to Germany, Great Britain and Spain to show the aircraft to Airbus teams involved in the development for last 5 years.

The Dubai Airshow, which opens on 16/Nov., might be the first occasion for the A350 to land at an airport outside of Europe.

The A350 will be spending more time abroad for hot-and-high tests. These could still happen before the end of the year or they could shift into early 2014, depending on progress achieved in the other areas. These trials are to take place in South America, possibly in La Paz, Bolivia, although Airbus has not confirmed the site. La Paz has been used for such trials in previous campaigns, including for the A340-600.

Based on the article “Testing Times” published in Aviation Week.

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