15 September 2013

Lufthansa would split the order of about 50 aircraft between the A350-900 and the 777-9X which is due to fly by decade´s end. The A350-1000 could get finally out of the order as well as the 787-10.

Bloomberg is reporting that Lufthansa will split an order for about 50 widebody aircraft between Airbus A350-900 and Boeing, becoming the first buyer of the 777X.

The twin-engine jets of the purchase with a list value of at least $14 billion, will be Boeing’s new 777-9X, which is due to fly by decade’s end, and Airbus’s A350-900, said two of the people with knowledge of the matter, who asked not to be identified because the details aren’t yet public. An announcement may come as soon as next week, the people said.

Dividing the deal provides a boost for both plane-makers after the German airline had said the order would be a winner-take-all contest. Lufthansa hasn’t bought 777s for its own passenger operations before, and has previously relied heavily on jets from France-based Airbus.

Boeing jets will make up a majority of the order, said one of the people.

“No fleet decision has yet been taken by the Lufthansa supervisory board,” Thomas Jachnow, a Lufthansa spokesman, said on 13/Sep by telephone. Any announcement will follow the board’s approval of management’s fleet recommendation, he said.

Based on the article “777X said to be part of coming Lufthansa order” published in Bloomberg News


  1. I think this makes sense; why would you buy only one type? The A350-900 and 777X9 serve a different market. 777X9 will probably replace A340-600s and older 747s. While the A350-900 can replace the A340-300 (and maybe also 747s on some routes).

    Capacity-wise they can use build up from A330-300, A350-900, 777X9, 747-8I to A380-800.

  2. The Lufthansa order for the B 777-9 is a clear signal that Airbus has to double-stretch the A 350 (A 350-2000?) to compete with the B 777-9. If you take in mind that companies that ordered the A 350-1000 (Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways, ...) are planning to order the B 777-9, and this is in my view just a matter of time. I always wondered why Airbus is developing the 1000 with just 350 seats. The aircraft has to compete with the B 777-8 and replacing the B 777-300 ER, but it has fewer seats!? Personally I don't understand why Airbus didn't add 20 to 25 seats to the 1000 (370-375 seats). The A 350 started from scratch and thus is hard to understand. However, the A 350-2000 is a must do! It will take time to develop, but makes sense.
    Any comments to this? Thanks!

  3. I´am sure Airbus is considering a bigger model for the A350 family, but there are too many topics to study before taking a decission; A380 sales, Beluga dimmensions, engineering workload, Rolls-Royce, etc.
    I personally think Airbus is confident and relaxed with current market covered by A330, A350-900, A350-1000 and A380.

  4. already 5 months ago the inside-rumors were clearly going to a 350-900 and 777-9 combination. apparently 787-10 is too small. some 747-8 slots/orders will be converted into 777-9 orders, which I thought is not possible but obviously LH has that right in their 747-8 contracts!
    350-1200 or however you call it MUST come. It makes sense though, to wait the design freeze of the 777-9 and then STRIKE!

  5. Since the A350XWB is not as wide as the 777 and can only fit 10 across with a 16.5 inch seat width (and a spatula), Lufthansa has the comfort of passengers in mind as well. Since the XWB is really not that wide, a 9 across A350 and 10 across 777 will serve markets of different capacity.