23 September 2013

Perfect moment to purchase a A350 XWB. Boeing increases the prices of the 787 and Airbus will increase them next 1st of January

Boeing has updated the prices of their aircraft in August.

model (million $)        Boeing         Airbus.      
767-300ER              185.8 USD
A330-200                                     216.1 USD
787-8                        211.8 USD
A350-800                                     254.3 USD
787-9                        249.5 USD
A350-900                                     287.7 USD
A350-1000                                   332.1 USD

Airbus will update the catalog prices on 1st of January as usual.

Price, while important, is only part of the equation, given that the airlines will get substantial discounts off the list price. Timing may prove to be the deciding factor in many negotiations..

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