12 July 2014

A350 Full-flight Simulator approval for summer

Airbus is preparing to secure approval for its full-flight A350 simulator. It is located at the company’s Flight Training Centre in Toulouse.

This training device has been fine-tuned using data from the A350’s flight tests and is getting ready for its qualification process with aviation authorities this summer. 

Based on a CAE Series 7000 simulator and equipped with the latest visual system, the A350 full-flight simulator is the Training Centre’s first such device to be fitted with a full electrical motion system – which delivers the same or improved performance compared to a hydraulic system while providing energy savings and environmental benefits.

 It  will be put into operation in the 4th quarter this year, the same time period in which Qatar Airways is due to receive its first aircraft.

All photos © Airbus

Based on the press release "The first A350 XWB full-flight simulator is readied for airline flight crews"

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