11 July 2014

Someone has reserved 'A350-300' Internet domains.

Recent Internet domain-registration activity suggests a concerted effort, by unidentified parties, to protect particular names including 'A350-300' and 'A330neo'.

FlightGlobal has detected that the US-based brand-protection company CSC has secured on 2/July 2 high-profile domain names  containing the terms ‘A350-200’ and ‘A350-300’.

There is no immediate indication that Airbus is linked to any of the reservations.

European trademark databases do not show any formal entry for A330neo, A350-200 or A350-300 and Airbus has not confirmed whether any of these brands have been formally submitted for inclusion.

Curiously a version of the site map for the upcoming Farnborough air show appeared to include an allocated aircraft space labelled ‘A350-200’, including tail height data matching that of the A330-200.

Similar internet domain names associated with the term ‘A330neo’ have been also reserved by the same company.

Airbus declines to comment on whether it might use the A350 brand for any A330 re-engining program.

Based on the article "Teasing 'A330neo' and 'A350-300' domains reserved" published in Flight Global

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