19 July 2014

Spirit outsources A350 fuselage-floor manufacturing to its new “French neighbor” Figeac

Figeac Aero will open a factory in Saint-Nazaire after winning a $60 million contract with Spirit AeroSystems for the manufacturing of 2 fuselage-floor-structures for the A350 XWB.

Source: Figeac Aero

Deliveries will begin at the end of this year and will continue until 2019, when the contract should be extended.

The Work Package consist of 2 metal subassemblies (8x6 meters and 6x4.5 meters each) for the floor of the central fuselage section of the A350.

"We are already manufacturing the floors for the A320 and A330, but this one has a record size for us" welcomes Jean-Claude Maillard, CEO and founder of Figeac Aero.

The metallic detail parts will be manufactured in its plants in Figeac (Lot) and Tunisia, and the final assembly of the fuselage floors will be done in a new site at Montoir-de-Bretagne near Saint-Nazaire, where Spirit Aerosystems assembles the central section of the A350 fuselage.

The new site -3000 sqm- will be available by 2017 and meantime Figeac Aero will rent a building. «Our strategy to build a factory near Spirit AeroSystems makes the difference compared to competitors who produced in exotic locations», adds the CEO. «We install subsidiaries near our customers to limit transportation costs. »

Based on the article “Figeac Aéro va fabriquer les planchers de l’Airbus A350” published in Les Echos.

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