16 July 2014

A350 route to Certification (2): extensive route proving campaign in two weeks

Airbus is facing one important test milestone before the A350 can be certified in early September; the extensive route proving campaign.

Airbus is preparing MSN005 for a 3 week route proving campaign that is to start later this month. According to Fernando Alonso, head of the Airbus flight test division, close to 30 flights and around 200 flight hours are planned. 

The aircraft will fly to destinations including Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Auckland, Santiago de Chile, Johannesburg, Iqualuit and Frankfurt. 

It will be operated by pilots from Airbus, customer airlines and airworthiness authorities and there will be a limited number of passengers on board. Among the flights are 4 return services between Singapore and Hong Kong with very short ground times in between. Part of the route proving campaign will simulate short turn-arounds as the aircraft will experience in airline operations, but there will also be overnight stops.
Alonso is confident that Airbus will be able to have the A350 certified in September as planned.

Based on the article “Two Major Tests Near For A350 Ahead Of Certification” published in Aviation Week

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