18 July 2014

Only 4 A350 XWB commitments in Airbus 'Best Ever Farnborough Air Show'.

Airbus signed firm orders for a total of 358 aircraft and MoUs (memorandum of understanding) for a further 138 at the Farnborough Air Show.

The A330neo, that was formally launched last Monday, has secured orders and commitments for 121 A330neos. (Including an important order for 50 A330neos from Air Asia X)

Concerning the A350 XWB family, unique customer announcement has been a MoU for 4 A350-900s with Air Mauritius. Poor balance comparing Boeing's figures and those 121 commitments for the new A330neo, presented as "the perfect complement of the A350 XWB family".

Boeing has signed orders & commitments for 201 airplanes, but for the wide-body segment, it has secured 18 Boeing 787-9s and 50 777-9Xs for Qatar. Only one week after the huge order of 150 777-9X by Emirates. 

Source: Boeing

Based on the article "Airbus Has Had 'Best Ever Farnborough Air Show' " published in Aviation Week.

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  1. Knowing that the first spots available for the A350 are around 2020 that's not a big surprise. Same for the 787, pretty booked already.