04 July 2014

Emirates “virtually cancelled” the A350 order in May

Airbus knew of the cancellation of a 70 aircraft order from Emirates well in advance of their disclosure during Innovation Days. This is the suggestion of an article published in Challenges  (here) by Vincent Lamigeon -that AirInsight translates into English.-

On 8/May, Emirates’ annual report included the A380 and 777X orders but did not include the A350 order. So the cancellation had already officially anticipated or almost recorded but not populated.

Video capture: Source Airbus

Fabrice Bregier, Airbus CEO wanted to cut short any discussion that evening at a dinner in front of 200 journalists gathered for the airframer’s Innovation Days: “There will be zero negative impact”, he said.”I’m not saying there will be a positive impact, but there will be no negative impact.”

Did Airbus tell all their secrets? the timing of the announcement remains under question.
Does this have a connection with the order for 50 A380s, announced at the Dubai Airshow in November/2013?  In that case, why Airbus didn´t release the information before?

Questioned at the Airbus Innovation Days on 11/June, John Leahy answered clearly: “If the cancellation was decided last year, it was reported last year. The order was recently canceled.” A few minutes later, Airbus Customer COO was even more specific. “I discovered it when we publicly disclosed. You ask if I knew that Tim Clark was reviewing its fleet? Tim is constantly reviewing his fleet.”

Based on the article “Annulation des A350 d’Emirates : un document troublant” published in Challenges

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