21 January 2016

A350 assembly-line´s Spanish supplier Aritex purchased by a Chinese company.

Some Chinese companies leaded by Han´s Laser are purchasing the Spanish supplier Aritex, specialized on assembly lines and automated tooling and equipments.

Aritex (and Loxin) is part of a Spanish company Comsa linked to construction and which is divesting within its commitment with banks to reduce debt.

The Chinese company Han´s Laser (along with a few partners) plans to buy, through Hong Kong SPV, the 95% of Aritex Cading.

The operation will round 50 million euros and the Chinese company will absorb the current debt of Aritex.

Aritex, with headquarters in Badalona (Spain) is working for Airbus, Boeing, Comac and other aerospace companies with facilities and offices in USA (Seattle and Wichita), Mexico (Puebla), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Germany (Heilbronn) and China (Shanghai).

Within the A350 XWB program scope, Aritex is the supplier that has developed and installed the following projects for Airbus:

  • Vertical Tail Plane (VTP) assembly line at Stade and Horizontal Tail Plane (HTP) assembly line at Puerto Real. The workstation and tool unit allows the correct assembly of the VTP or the HTP from the start to the end of the process.


  • Wing Stringer Production and Positioning Cell at Illescas. Fully automated cell for the integration of stringers for wings (left and right) of the A350.


  • Double assembly line for the Keel Beam of the A350XWB at Nantes. These bivalent design lines allow the assembly of the two versions of the product (-900 and -1000). The lines combine different vertical, horizontal and subassembly stations, which enables optimization of the necessary useful space.




Based on the article “Una empresa china planea la compra de Aritex a Comsa por 50 millones” published in Expansion.


  1. China slowly but surely advancing its capability to produce large aircraft,come 2030 I think both Airbus and Boeing will have a new competitive partner in the building of large aircraft.

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