02 January 2016

Regular flights with A350 started in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is since the 1st of January the first city in the United States to land regular passenger service on the new Airbus A350.

Qatar Airways, the launch airline of the A350, has started putting the A350 on its Philadelphia flights.

The carrier was flying last year 1 daily round-trip between Philadelphia and its hub in Doha on Boeing 777 jets.

"Philadelphia is the 6th largest metropolitan area in the USA and is an important international business hub that is home to 7 Fortune 1000 companies," said Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker.

QR 727 Doha - Philadelphia  Departure: 01:10  Arrival: 07:30 

QR 728 Philadelphia - Doha Departure: 10:15 Arrival: 06:45 +1


  1. Great blog! But now, what is wrong? Why aren't you Blogging anymore?

  2. I will keep on blogging but not in a daily basis as in last 3 years.
    Only when public news are available.
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